Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ridiculous. Am I a sucker? You betcha!

So, I had the 4 Halloween kittens, and a couple of days later, I got an e-mail. "Can you take a couple more?" Well, being the sucker I am, I said sure. Then, they said, "Can you take 4 more?"

Yes, I have 8 kittens. (Not counting my own 4, and Bentley the dog) Talk about a full house.

So, besides Twinkle, Grace, Gary and Gabby, we now have Butters, Holiday, Axel and Ziggy.

Axel was found by a local firefighter under his truck, on the axel. He was pretty shy when he first got here, but he is quite lovable now.


Butters is the big guy, and very sweet. Looks an awful lot like my Buck too.

Butters (The big guy on the right)

Holiday is the shyest, but likes attention. She's not a big fan of being held though, and I have never heard her purr. (Update, she DID purr for me today)


Ziggy is a tiny little guy. I think he was sick when I picked him up, but had not shown any real signs. We have since gone through the not eating, sneezing, runny eye and subQ fluids and antibiotics. He seems to be on the mend now, but only weighs 14.6 oz.


I am pretty sure Butters and Holiday are related, but I know the other 2 are not. It's interesting the patterns you see. For instance, they both stand on the rim of the water bowl to drink. No one else does. Is that hereditary? Who knows?
Holiday gets a drink

Everyone got to go see the visiting vet today, since at least 5 of them have some digestive issues. 5 kittens with loose to liquid stool is not a fun time, let me tell you! Speaking of that, I need to put in a load of towels!

Ziggy had a clump of matted hair behind his ear, and when they started to investigate, they found a pretty nasty sore under there.
Neck wound looks worse than it is

Not sure he was given much of an exam before he came to stay here, but they do try to get them out quickly. He is better off here, believe me. (Even fighting for attention with 7 others) He got some good attention for the last couple of days, and got to hang out with me while I was working.
Snoozing on my desk

The original 4 are all crazy as ever. They have really turned into purr machines. Twinkle is not related to the "G" kittens, and she is not a purrer either. (but today must have been a banner day, as I got her to purr for me too!) She is a funny girl, who loves shoestrings, and is happy playing by herself. She also likes to climb up my pants leg. Trying to break that habit now.
Gary goes all Catzilla on Grace

Size difference between Ziggy and Holiday

Hopefully, now that they are all on some meds it will help with the poop issues. Normal poop makes for a much more pleasant kitten experience!


Lita and the boys in Melbourne said...

Aww, little SZiggy, talk about tugging on the heart strings! Get well and get strong little man! Gary going Godzilla on Grace is soo cute! I mean scary, yes, of course, scary! I hope all the kittens are happy and well asap. and how cute is little Ziggy curled up on tray? Who was the other kitten you had that did
Kisses to all, fosters and permanents, please.

Angel and Kirby said...

That is a house full! all sweet little ones!

~*Connie*~ said...

aaah... so that is where the sign that was apparently on my forehead went...

eight kittens.. that is a houseful!