Friday, December 9, 2011

final 4

Holiday looks startled.
Well, I don't KNOW if this will be the final four for the season, but it sounded good, so I am sticking with it!

Ziggy flops in a lap for the Fleecy String.
As you can see, Ziggy and Holiday came back after my Thanksgiving break, but you may wonder why Twinkle is back. She was totally ready for spay, and she got it. What they discovered during that operation was that she had one very large kidney. They left it alone, and decided to send her back to foster to make sure she was ok. So far, she seems fine. She is a very sweet little girl. I hope this doesn't make it hard for her to find a home. I would totally adopt her. (except of course I already have 4...and 3 is my limit!)
Twinkle is back, and seems to be fine.

The new face is Georgina. She was in another foster home, and needed a new place to stay. She is just under 2 pounds, so she will be around until after Christmas along with Ziggy. Holiday is already at 2lbs, 8 oz, but she and Twinkle will probably be here until Ziggy is to weight. That's fine. After having 8, 4 is a break!

Looks like a smile to me.
When I picked up Georgina, and dropped off Gary and Gabby, I checked in on the others. Butters was adopted with another buff colored kitten. When I went to see him before, he reached out of the cage to grab me, so I am sure he charmed someone completely and was snatched up quickly. Axel and Grace were still there then, but I heard grace had been adopted. I was surprised Axel was still there, after being featured on I sent them a note that he was ready to be adopted, with a photo and a link to the AWLA website. It was posted, and when I checked it, it had 39 comments! Oh, and Axel is not on the site anymore, so I think it worked! ;) Now I need to find someone to adopt the crazy Gabby. Looks like Gary was adopted already.

Georgina is a beauty!


Fleecy String!
More Fleecy String!

You can see Twinkle's shaved belly from her spay.
 So, we will have 4 kittens through the end of the year I suppose. That's OK. These guys are pretty low key, and after the craziness of the 3G's (Gary, Gabby and Grace) it's a nice chill time. No Gary screaming as soon as he hears a step in the hall! No Gary and Gabby bouncing off my back like a springboard to the bed when I sit on the floor. They did get a chance to come out of the room and run around though, so now that ALL want out as soon as the door opens. Even 4 are hard to contain on that front. Eight was a hopeless cause.
Ziggy got a taste of freedom.
And had some fun with the packing peanuts.

Ziggy gives the packing peanut the what for.
Ziggy seems all better after his sickness. He was very dehydrated when I got him, and it took some time to get him up to speed. He's fine now! And a handful. Well, at 1 pound 8 oz, he's barely a handful! He is a funny little guy, and not afraid of Bentley, or any of the other cats here. Gary was very cute with Bentley, rubbing all over him whenever he was waiting at the door when I was going in. Ziggy just runs under his legs. Gary had to stop and give him some love.

This photo doesn't have a cat in it, but it's funny. My neighbors kids. They ALWAYS get in Bentley's bed! And look at Callie with his Nylabone! He's such a good boy!

Neighbors take over Bentley's bed...and toys!


Andrea and the Celestial Kitties said...

Aw, whata sweet group! I love Geogina's smile!

Angel and Kirby said...

Sweet babies! We are glad they are doing well. Bentley is a great big brother to all the little ones!

Lita and the boys in Melbourne said...

Georgina is smiling, very pretty. hey, ziggy doesn't look any bigger, you know. maybe he's a minature kitty? they are all so darn cute! Does Bosley like any of them? Have the kittens met the other permanent cats/residents? I hope Twinkle's kidney behaves itself. You know, I have a 3 cat rule, too and at the moment I only have 3 cats! I am considering getting my furst ever girl kitty though... that ought to show the boys' who's boss.

Jamie said...

LOL!@Lita! Bosley has met them, and he is pretty indifferent. He doesn't want anyone else sharing his lap! Bentley loves them, and they are all OK with him. Twinkle is a bit scared of him, but even she has gotten better. Buck will engage them, when they are out running the hall. The other cats aren't really interested.