Tuesday, May 22, 2012

sad news...

RIP Leela
Always sad to post about a loss. On Thursday, Leela took a turn for the worst. Vomiting, liquid stool, dehydration. Never a good thing in any kitten, but one as small as Leela, and who was already compromised, it was a death sentence. She passed peacefully in the hands of the foster coordinator at the shelter.

RIP Rosemary
On Saturday morning, as I was getting ready to hand over kitten duty to my house mate, Rosemary, AKA Cartman, was having similar symptoms. I opted to drive her back to the shelter to get some vet care, and not leave her with a rookie to contend with. (not to mention, the litterbox was a hit or miss situation...mostly miss). I was hoping to pick her back up Monday, but spoke to the foster coordinator and found out she didn't make it. I was a little surprised, but I had a bad feeling when I left her. She was very sweet.

The rest of the Aliens seem to be doing OK. Jessica has lost a bit of weight, but seems to be OK. Kanya and Jolie are both gaining, and playful. (Jessica is plenty playful, just dropped a bit in weight)

They still look like aliens to me, and they just discovered the fleecy string. They love it. Kanya loves a belly rub. Jessica loves non stop back rubs, and the purr motor revs up to high gear when she gets stroked.  Jolie likes to roll on her back and grab your fingers. (gently, no biting)

They are very quiet...no squawking, which is a little weird. They are still young though, so I suspect it will happen sooner or later..and the Elephants will start running.

I am hoping my Niece and her husband will adopt 2 of them. They have been married for almost 3 years now, and are talking about a pet. They like the fact that cats are a bit more independent, and 2 will keep themselves occupied. The hardest part will be deciding which 2 it will be.


Lita and the boys in Melbourne said...

R.I.P. little babies, see you next time for a longer stay, okay? Oh wow, the elephants are about to run? do national geographic know? 'tis a rare and beautiful site (sound?) I believe. How can they pick just 2? 3 are a set, surely? :)

Angel and Kirby said...

We are always sorry to hear about babies that just do not thrive. We hope at least two get homes with your family!

Webbthistle said...

That has to be the hardest thing about fostering wee ones...My condolences. Please take heart that they knew your warmth, care and love while they were here.

~*Connie*~ said...

oh that stinks... I'm so sorry.