Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Off they go

So, the fab five left for a weekend event last weekend, and never looked back. I am not sure who was adopted from that event...I was out of town. I told the powers that be that I was available as of Sunday to take anyone back, but they said they wanted to keep me available for bottle babies, so right now, I am kittah free.

Joey in a zone
Before the adoption event, Joey and Boom were adopted by a very nice couple from Australia. They actually came for Boom and Bean, but as it happens with animals, they choose you, not the other way around.

Joey was always the shy one, and although beautiful, I was worried he would be shunned because he was not lovable enough. Boy was I wrong. Joey climbed in Jodie's lap, and promptly fell asleep. That was all she wrote.

I got an e-mail from them, and some pix. They are loving those boys, and seem to be fitting in just fine.

For now, we have an empty room...but I doubt that will last long.

Sleepy Boom
Boom snuggles with Daddy

Joey gives Mama some love while Boom keeps her neck warm


Angel and Kirby said...

How wonderful for Joey and Boom and their new parents. It looks like it was a match made in love!

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties said...

Aw, I love happy endings! Yay for the adopters!