Thursday, July 17, 2008


Well, everyone still seems to be doing better today. I will check weights tonight, see if we are gaining again.

On the other hand, Bentley had to take a trip to the vet today. It seems he ate a piece of my CPAP...Again. This time it caused some problems. He did eventually "pass" it, but again, we were cleaning poop up off the floor! It never seems to end! I am happy to report that he is fine now. He is eating and drinking, and we will see later tonight or tomorrow if everything is passing.

Speaking of Bentley and kittens, he is so interested in them he can hardly stand it. He walks in the room, and his tail is waggin' like crazy. He is very tentative, and very sweet with them. Robyn follows him around, and rubs on his legs, which he doesn't know what to do about. He keeps picking up his feet as she rubs on him. None of them are afraid of him. It's

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