Thursday, July 17, 2008

The day after

Well, everyone seems to be back on track. Everyone has gained weight, everyone is eating, no more eye goop. I am still a little concerned about Robyn. She eats like there is no tomorrow, and doesn't play like the rest of them. Of course, how can she, with that belly! I weighed her while she was eating, and she was at 1.11 7/8 lb. After she finished eating and drinking, she climbed up on the scale on her own, and she was at 1.12 3/4! Holy smokes!

They are on antibiotics for 8 more days, and panacur, a dewormer, for 3 more days. They hate it. They squirm and fight to get away when they know what's coming. At least they forget quickly. As long as I pick 'em up again and give them some love, all is forgiven.

I promise to take more photos tomorrow!

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