Friday, July 18, 2008

Not again...

At the risk of this blog turning into the "Robyn Files", I am going to talk about Robyn again, and post more pix of her.

She is a mess. She has some serious poop issues, and has it all over herself, from the middle back. Belly, tail, legs, butt. I gave her a bath at 3:30, and when I got home at 7:30, she was all poopie again. I feel so bad for her. I know her little rear is sore. She screams when I try to clean her up, but I have to try. She has some diaper rash starting. I am going to try to get her a vet appointment in the morning. I put some ointment on her, but I am worried she will just lick it off, and it is really not for ingesting! She seemed to settle down finally after about half an hour. I hope there is enough on her to give her some relief. I did see her poop, and it was way more formed than it has been, so that's good. I found a jar of probiotics in my car, so I added that to the food. Maybe that's helping. I hope something does.

The good news is, everyone is gaining weight, even Robyn. Sully and Reuben were playing hard tonight, taking turns playing catzilla, standing up on their hind legs, front paws up in the air, pouncing on each other. They looked like a bad japanese movie. Natalie was getting into it too,but the boys were pretty focused on themselves to include her.

I am heading to bed now, and I am gonna keep my fingers crossed that Robyn is better in the morning.


Ann said...

Jamie - sounds like a case of IBD for Robyn. We had a very similar problem with our maine coon when we brought him home. The only thing that "fixes" that is a raw meat diet, which, as you know, is the best diet for a cat anyway, as they are obligate carnivores. Feline's Pride makes a decent raw diet, premixed, and I mix one up myself using rabbit meat from Hare Today, mixed with vitamins from Feline Instincts.

Jamie said...

I may try that. The real problem is she is such a pig. She gobbles down the food as fast as she can, and won't stop until it's gone. I have cut her way back, and it seems to make a huge difference. I think I'll try some of the Feline's Pride. I'll pick some up tomorrow.