Saturday, July 19, 2008

Itty bitties

This is a photo of Yoshi. He was from my last litter. I was very tempted to adopt him. He was so sweet, and full of personality. I made a rule, no more than 3 cats could live here permanently, ever. We already have 3, so we just couldn't adopt Yoshi. We did the next best thing. We talked Joy's sister into adopting him! She had to put her dog to sleep last year, and she adored him. We both knew how much she missed him, and we knew she would be better suited with a cat than a dog. She had actually house sat for us a few times, and had been around these guys. Once she decided on Yoshi, she thought that she should get 2, so they would keep each other company. Good idea!

All seems to be well in the land of itty bitties. Robyn got yet another bath, and some ointment on her backside. I cut way back on her food, too, which seems to have helped with the leaky poop issue. Everyone got their meds, and all seem to be acting very kitten like this evening.

Robyn was very cute this afternoon when she got her bath. She was not pleased about it, but once she was clean, I took her out to the deck, with a thick towel to dry her off, where it was nice and warm. Once she had started to dry off, she was quite happy to be out in the warm sunshine. (I was sweating profusely.) She rolled around one her back, and was really enjoying herself. I let her hang out for about 15 minutes or so before I took her back inside. I put a little cream on her back side. She was much less happy about that, but it does seem to help. She is still leaking a little, but the cream seems to protect her from the sore bottom she has had.

I guess tomorrow I will do a little cleaning of the room. It is a little ripe in there.

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