Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Kittens everywhere...and more on the way!

Our four itty bitties are all doing well, with the exception of some sneezing by Reuben. He seems Ok enough, but he sneezes really loud, and it almost sounds like a woman sneezing.

The food change seems to be helping with the poop problem. I haven't cleaned poop off of the floor in 2 days now. They love the chicken and rice too, but it is a bit of a pain nuking the frozen chicken breast, and putting it in the food processor daily. They go though a whole chicken breast every day. I better get something prepared for Susan!

Tonight Bentley got to come in and play for a while. It is so cute to see Robyn with him. She adores him! She will follow him around, and let him lick her, and mouth all over her. Then when he moves, she gets up and follows him. The others are not quite as sure of him as she is. Natalie runs from him, and Sully bats at him when he is not looking. (Check him out in the background, getting ready to swat him!) Reuben just watches.

Busy day tomorrow as I am getting ready to head out of town. I have a ton to do, and that includes writing down all the instructions (again) for Susan for my own cats, and the itty bitties.


Deb said...

OMG how damn cute is that!!!!???

Jamie said...

Yeah, She LOVES Bentley. Click on the photo, and you get a full screen view.