Monday, August 4, 2008

Back to the grind.

Well, I am back from my little trip. I had multiple updates while I was gone, and all went well for the itty bitties under Susan's watch. Unfortunately, I fed them 2 cans of food when I got home, and left the room. When I went back in at 8:00, there was liquid poop everywhere, and I think some vomit too. I cleaned it up, and checked out all the "guests." Everyone was their usual crazy selves...except Robyn. I guess she just totally overloaded. Huge mistake on my part. She didn't eat last night, and didn't eat breakfast either. Now it's back to the vet for her. She is about ready to go back and go on view for adoption too. I will try some chicken and rice for her this afternoon, and see if she will eat anything. If not, I will wisk her off to the vet. I will probably be spending a couple of hours cleaning up the kitty room. Time for a scrub down and mopping.

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