Monday, September 8, 2008

The Vacuum

Part of the socialization process is to get these guys used to stuff they will see and hear in their new homes. We don't hold back much, and this weekend, we had the vacuum cleaner upstairs. No, we didn't just stick it in the room and turn it on. I was in the room with the "kids" and Joy turned the vacuum on in the hall. The door was closed, but it was a new sound for them. As you can see, they were a little freaked at first, but within minutes, they had forgotten all about it, and were happily playing, ignoring it.

Mama has now finished her antibiotics! Her URI is gone, and she can breathe. Another important element is I don't have to give her the meds, so she is warming up to attention even more. She doesn't like to be picked up yet, but she does like to be brushed, and loves her neck scratched. I am happy to oblige.

The itty bitties are getting bigger, and more bold. They charge the door now every time they hear it opening. Mama does too. She came nose to nose with Buck yesterday, but neither one of them were phased. She is a little more leary of Bentley though, but the babies aren't the least bit worried about him.

They love to climb on the kitty condo. I noticed when they get sleepy, that's where they head now, not on the bed where mama hangs out. They are a lot of fun to watch and so far, knock on wood, they have stayed out of trouble.


Martha said...

These guys look great! Here's hoping that everybody stays healthy and that mom relaxes and gets more social.

Jamie said...

Yeah, she is doing a lot better already. She hates to be held, but loves to have her ears, head and neck scratched.

The itty bitties were pretty small when they got here, but they are growing like weeds.