Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Weigh ins!

Things are moving right along here at itty bitty central. They all 3 weigh in at 1.9 1/2 oz. They are getting big. They started out at about 6 oz each. Mama seems a little lethargic tonight, but she almost always does. I got in a little scritchy scratch time with her, and she was loving that, so maybe I am just paranoid. I hope so.

Lots of commotion tonight during play time. Greer was going nutso! See the multi-exposure below, and see how she was going spastic with her "toy."

What was causing her to play so hard? A new toy? No. A yummy kitty treat? No. Some expensive new catnip experience? No.

It was this.

A piece of freakin' cardboard! No kidding. You would think that was the greatest toy in the world! Gwendolyn had a few minutes with it too, and had about the same reaction. Who knew? The cat toy people are wasting money! It's cardboard they want. And a ball of paper, of course.

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