Monday, October 20, 2008


Nadine is not 100% just yet. I think about 85. She is feeling better for sure, but she is still not gaining like she should be. Jet on the other hand is quite the piglet. I think she is a little over the top. Someone blew chunks today, and my guess is it was her. She is the biggest of the bunch at 1lb, 13 oz. Little Nadine just climbed to 1lb 2 oz! Yay!

Norton is not gaining now either. I think tomorrow, they all start on Panacur, which is a worming medication. They hate it. It's like liquid chalk, and I have cleaned enough white sprayed drops of the floor and walls to know that they don't care for it. Worms is a good guess for weight loss, and vomiting. It's easy to give...well, as easy as giving any medication to a cat. They normally get wormed ever 2 to 3 weeks when they are kittens. Just goes with the territory.

They all got run of the upstairs for a little while today. They sure don't seem to be suffering from anything. They ran, jumped, puffed out and scampered for a good half an hour, and no one slowed down until I caught them and put them back in their room.

Just went in to give them there evening dose of Clavamox, and coax Nadine into eating some more, and had to fight Jet too keep her from eating the baby food. (yes, that's what Nadine is eating now. Anything to get her to eat!) After about 5 or 6 minutes, Jet proceeded to vomit again. And then again. Just a pitstop in her little whirlwind world, she continued to play between spews! I gave her her does of antibiotics, and had to pull her away from the food I put down for the others! She is quite the eater.

I hear them thumping around in there now. I guess they all feel OK.

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