Tuesday, October 21, 2008

picking up

I think Nadine has turned the corner. She is now at 1lb, 2 1/2 oz! She is still lower than she was at her best, but she is gaining, and eating better. (I didn't even give her the nasty appetite stimulant today!)

Norton gained a little too, which is good, as he had not been gaining for the last couple of days. Everyone seems good. (Keeping my fingers crossed!)

Jet being cute

It seems the litter box is the place to be

And they love this box

Norton throws down Nadine, but she is not giving up!


Martha said...

Glad to hear Nadine is feeling better! We've never used the appetite stimulant...do you think it helped? It's the worst feeling when they won't eat.

Jamie said...

yeah, it helped, but it is nasty. I recommend pills, which can be cut into quarters. I was really worried about her. She is up to 1.3 1/2. YAY!

I have a full bottle of the stimulant, so let me know if you need it. It even smells bad. : P

Joy said...

Very cute! You're a great foster Mom!