Thursday, October 23, 2008

cries in the night...and day

These kittens are very spoiled. If they hear a voice, or even a stair creak, they cry, cry cry, like they are being torn limb from limb! Of course, they are fine. They just want some company. they are all growing, and gaining, some slower than others, but all seem to be doing OK.

I watched Niles deliver a big sloppy poop yesterday, and again this morning. I am sure it has everything to do with the antibiotic they are on. The good news is, they are done with it. The bad news is, there is still some sneezing. Hopefully, it will pass. They are all eating, and hopefully, they will continue that trend.

They do love attention. This should be one group that will be well socialized, for sure.


Martha said...

I'm in love with Nadine!

Jamie said...

She is beautiful. All of these guys are sweet. Jet is the most lovable, at least this week, but they all climb all over me when I sit down with them. I wish I could keep them all. ; )