Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday Funday

We got through the weekend in Cat-town with no big problems. Seems Ebony has some liquid stool problems, but she continues to gain weight, so I will continue to watch her closely, and give her some of the kaopectate (sp?) I got for Robyn last go round. It already seems to be a bit better than when she first got here, and no one else is having the same issue.

I am seeing more personality now, but all 5 of them are pretty darn sweet! Ebony has become my favorite. She was the first to climb up my back and make herself at home on my shoulder. She is content to sit up there and watch the others play. She will mix it up with them, too, but she loves to sit up high. She also likes to climb on my face!

They all seem to like the hammocks in their room too. There is one I tied to the chair, and one on the kitty condo, and they all seem to like to crash there.

Jet is a very appropriate name for the little black and white. (turns out Jet is a girl, even though she has a blue collar) She is always jetting around the room. She has also already started trying to dart out the door whenever it opens. She is non-stop. Here she is making sure I fill out the daily log correctly, and then spazzing out on one of the kitty beds.

Nadine is the most photogenic of all in this group. She is just beautiful, and it seems like she knows it!

Niles is one that loves the hammock. I don't think there has been I time yet when I have gone into the room at naptime, that he has not been in one of them. He likes to wrestle with my shoe string too.

Norton likes to play the "cuteness card." He will pull it out at any given opportunity. It never fails to get his lots of kisses!

And then there is dinner time. This tends to look the same for all the litters!


Martha said...

They are SO CUTE! About a pound apiece?

We're beginning to feel like we'll have the Figs forever, and we know there are other little ones in need down there...

Jamie said...

They are cute. And fun.
Little more than a pound each.

Don't give up on the Figs! They need you!

Martha said...

Except it's beginning to feel like we have six teenagers. Yikes!