Saturday, July 11, 2009

cougars and undetermined others!

The Workers went back to the shelter Friday afternoon. A little sad for me, but I know I did my job, and they will be adopted right away. There is a lot of competition there, but I am hopeful they will not languish.

Today, we welcomed a new couple of litters. The Cougars, and....well, we haven't quite decided what to call the 4 little ones. Need a little help with them.

All these guys came to us with names...but I don't think any of them will stick. Maybe one. Maybe not.

The cougars are 3 tabbies, but the biggest one, and male, (Formerly known as Jesse) looks like a cougar. He is a good looking guy, but, along with the other cougars, he is very feral, and scared. All 3 of them are probably close to weight for spay neuter, but they are hard cases. Gonna take some work to get them used to people. The other two are more standard tabby looking cats, one with no real distinguishing markings, and one with white feet.

John Cougar. Good looking, and a big boy.

Named Justine, but looking for a new name.

Jessica. Also looking for a new name.

They came with the names Justine and Jessica. Need some new names there! I was thinking Johnny Cougar for the big guy, but I need new names for the girls. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

The little guys are a strange bunch. One black, scraggly boy, came with the name Dallas, which I like, but he is so skinny, and scraggly, I think he is more like a Mowgli. He is very sweet, and loves to be snuggled. I do have a soft spot for black cats. We have our Bishop, and my little girl Pepper was the sweetest cat ever.

Mowgli is a scraggly little guy. Need to fatten him up.

We have another skinny boy, orange tabby. Comes to us with the name Sport. Maybe. He is a nice little guy, hasn't done anything to stand out from the crowd, but hey, it's only day one!

Sport. Might keep his name.

The last 2 are much healthier looking than the skinny boys. We have a calico girl, and a tuxedo boy. Both are small, but not so skinny. The girl came with the name Tippy, and the boy with the name Breeze. I have already got a favorite. The little girl...I have renamed her Dora, after Dora the Explorer. She is a crazy one! She immediately climbed everything in site. She is a tiny little thing, but bold. Then, she climbed me, up the front of my shirt, and onto my shoulder. She is a total love bug, and rubbed her face all over mine while she was on my shoulder.

Dora the Explorer, peeks over the cardboard carrier.

Dora immediately figured out how to get up on the chair.

The little tuxedo boy is cute, and has already catzilled his brother Sport. He is a little shy, but that won't last long. We decided to name him Diego.


I have my work cut out for me with the Cougars. The Little un's will be fine, just need to get the skinny boys fattened up.


Angel and Kirby said...

They are all very sweet! WE have a soft spot for Tuxedos!

Martha said...

Ferals are tough...they might just come around, but separation really does help in the hard-core cases. Wish we'd done it sooner for Harley...good luck!

Jamie said...

Thanks Martha. I know, these guys are older, and very shy. They hiss and cower, but they let you hold them. We have gotten them to engage in play, and they tend to forget there are humans in the room. I think they will come around.