Thursday, July 16, 2009

round 2

Well, the first few days with this crew was basically trying to get the Cougars to be less afraid. Every time I went into their room, I made a a point of petting, or picking each of them up. They were not happy about it one bit. Then, day 3, there was a breakthrough. They were all on the kitty condo, and I started to pet Justine. She cowered at first, but I just stood there, and kept it up. I started to get under her chin, and she relaxed a bit, and started to enjoy it...and I heard it. Softly at first, then louder. Yes...a purr! then a miracle happened. They other two heard the purr, and they started to come toward me. Before I left the room, they were all purring, and wanting to get attention. Yeah, we have had some backsliding, but for the most part, they like the attention.

Justine, before we had our breakthrough.

Johnny Cougar still has trust issues.

Jessica is coming along.

The issue now is they are sick! Yep, all 3 Cougars, and Diego. They all stopped eating. I mentioned to the vet I thought they may be getting URIs, as I had heard sneezing from all of them, but alas, all I got was Panacur, and subq fluids. I am waiting to hear when I can get them back, or just pick up some antibiotics. I am sure it will make a huge difference in maybe even 2 doses. Hopefully, I can get this going right away in the morning.

The rest of the Little 'uns are doing great. Mowgli has gained a lot of weight, but is still a scraggly looking cat. Sport has decided he likes to climb on me as much as Dora and Diego do. Already Dora has discovered how to run for the door as soon as it opens. She ran right past Bentley tonight, and never blinked. I have been waiting to introduce Bentley until I know the Cougars are not too afraid. Johnny Cougar still has a ways to go.


Mowgli takes a bath.

Dora and Diego look over their kingdom.

All in all, these guys are coming around, and hopefully with a dose or 2 of antibiotics, they will start to feel better.


Angel and Kirby said...

We hope they all get better soon! They will start trusting more each day!

Jamie said...

They were all 3 on me this morning, along with a couple of the Little 'uns. They will be fine as far as that goes. I hope to get them to the vet this morning for some antibiotics.

Martha said...

Congrats on the purrs...I hope they start eating soon and you don't have to resort to syringe feeding...ugh.