Saturday, July 18, 2009

time will tell

So far, the Cougars seem to be getting better. The appetite stimulant is working, and they are all 3 eating, and gaining some weight back. I am still a little worried about Diego. He didn't get a shot, and he is still a bit lethargic, but doing OK otherwise. I will keep an eye on him this week.

Diego has a drink.

The Cougars are doing great in the socialization process. The big boy Johnny Cougar is still the most shy, but does come over for attention when the rest of them climb up. The girls are sweet, and love to be held, and Johnny is happy to sit on my leg and be stroked.

Cougars play.

The Little un's are doing great. The only signs of URI I see in them is the occasional sneeze. No fever, and eating normally. I am giving them Lycine treats, and gel, to make sure they stay healthy.

Dora plays with the string toy.

Mowgli poses for a shot.

Johnny Cougar gets a close up.

Justine takes a swat at Mowgli.

Jessica watches from her perch.

Sport needs his face washed.

Dora goes "Catzilla"

The Little Un's hear Bentley under the door.


Angel and Kirby said...

They are all sweet babies. glad they are all doing better.

HubbleSpacePaws said...

So good to be back & catch up on the Cougars, et al! And glad to read that things are better health wise!!

Cracked up at two of the photos... Dorazilla and the rapt attention to the door! Just want to snorgle that 'zilla belly and it always amazes me how patient kittens can become when they want to figure out something unseen!!


Poppy Q said...

It is good to see them all having fun and playing. We hope they are all healthy and strong too.

AnnF said...

Oh, such kittenness, I just want to get in there and scoop them up and snuggle them silly!