Friday, May 20, 2011

relaxing...a little

It seems as though Tempest is relaxing a little. She is still a bit shy, and always alert to the slightest noise, and watches my every move, but she loves having her head scratched and her belly rubbed, when there aren't 3 babies attached to it!

I find it a little odd that when I come in in the morning that she is not with the babies. She has taken to crawling between the trundle bed and the blanket. The babies are always alone in the carrier, but asleep, and seemingly fine. They are all gaining weight, so I guess it's OK. I may start putting the heat disc in there at night. At least when I touch the kittens and they cry, she comes immediately to check on them. Both Chaos and Mayhem now weigh 7.0 oz, and Fracas is at 6.5 oz.

Taking a food break to mug for the camera.

Thursday marks the babies 1 week birthday! Mayhem (Joy wanted the girl to be Mayhem, so there was a name switch. She thought it was more appropriate for the girl than Chaos) has been sneezing since she got here, and although her eyes have been open for 2 days, they tend to get goopy and stuck shut, so I clean them out at least once a day. Chaos's eyes are open now too, and Fracas's look like they are starting to open.

Lunch Munch

Mayhem, goopy eyed, but they are open

Fracas looks like she is ready for siesta.

Chaos is ready to rumble.

Hard to believe Buck was this size when we first got him. His eyes were still closed, and we figure he was about 2 days old. Now he's 15 pounds, but still a very sweet guy. And still very food motivated!

The Prince, Buck-a-roo!

And yes, this is baby Buck!

Bosley seems a little jealous of my time. He is usually waiting outside the kitty room door, and is always close by...But I make sure I give him a lot of love. He doesn't like to remember when he was a little guy, and needed a lot of attention. He is doing so much better these days, although he still has vomiting issues, they are nothing like when he was a baby.
Bosley keeps an eye on my work.


~*Connie*~ said...

It is pretty normal for a mother cat to leave the kits. If they were in the wild she would need to go hunt for dinner, but since dinner is provided she gets to just relax and be on her own for a bit.

Anonymous said...

Cute and great to see Bosley looking so well!

Angel and Kirby said...

WE know these babies are getting the best of care from their Mom and you.

Martha said...

Everybody looks great. Love the names! Another foster told us recently about using a wet green tea bag to wipe goopy eyes. We tried it on a mild case of kitten goop and thought it helped.