Tuesday, August 30, 2011

here we go round in circles...

Shamus explores

Back to the vet yet again! The kitten formerly known as Squeaker (now known as Seamus) was dropping weight. This morning, liquid stool, and a few others obviously had some loose stool. Everyone sneezing AGAIN, and that's a trip to the vet for everyone!

The normal look...screeching!

Seamus is the bitching-est kitten ever. As soon as he hears ANYTHING in the hall, he starts. Then Martha get's going. It's bedlam! Anyway, Seamus is on Metronidazol, and I will keep an eye on Angel, as she was a bit dehydrated too. Seamus got fluids this morning, and Angel got some at the vet. Other than that, they are still crazy, playful and sweet kittens.

Martha found one of Bishop's mice

Stewart and Trinket both went back to the shelter for Spay/neuter last week. We were gonna try for Mary Kate, Ashley and Martha this week, but the sneezies put a damper on that. They will most likely be here for another 2 weeks now. They are ready to be adopted. I wish I could move them along, but I will keep 'em here. Maybe Angel and Seamus will be closer to weight by then. They both have to go back by October 4th. We will be taking a vacation for 10 days, so someone else will have to host them if they aren't up to weight yet. I am fattening them up as fast as I can! Damn diarrhea!

I know my shoes are big, but Angel is pretty small

My dog has cat toy issues

They got to play in the living area this week, and Bentley and Ashley had a major attraction to each other. I can't always tell Mary Kate and Ashley apart, but Bentley sure could. He loves Ashley, and it sure looks like she loves him too.

This looks like love...and exactly how Bentley and Buck play

Seamus checks out the deck

After about an hour of playtime, I gathered them up, and put them to bed. I am sure when I go up tonight, Seamus will hear me, and start the squawking all over again.

Bosley watches from a safe distance

Such is life here with Elephants upstairs.


A few Good Cats said...

All those experiences, and all those memories you're saving of these little ones...

Angel and Kirby said...

WE hope they all get better soon!

Anonymous said...

That great big handsome man cat cannot be Bosley!
Wow he's all grown up and looking amazing!

Jamie said...

Ah yes, everyone is doing better today! They do get better fast. :) And yes, that is Bosley! He looks big, but he is still only 5 pounds, and he is 2, so there will be no more growing. :)

Lita and the boys in Melbourne said...

I love the look on Bosley's face - don't trust them kittens...but they sure are cute. Hope they all get well and snapped up soon. 2, you say? wow, I rmember when Bos man was a teeny-weeny scrap of kitteh. Awww...