Friday, August 19, 2011

sneezing, sniffling and the like

So, Trinket is supposed to go back to the shelter this week for spay, and to be put on view. She has really blossomed into a sweet girl, and is going to make someone a very nice cat.

She's playful

And she's pretty

The only problem is, now everyone is sneezing and has runny eyes. The worst are the tabby girls, Mary Kate and Ashley. They have been the worst since I got them. Martha and Stewart are both sneezy and drippy too, as is Angel.

Not sure which is which, unless they are side by side

The URI didn't slow them down at all

I had to get Squeaker on Clavamox already, when he started to lose weight. Oh wait. You haven't met Squeaker yet, have you?

Being a good boy, in the box!

A good name for this little guy, although I didn't pick it! He is always squawking about something! He is bold, not afraid of the others even though he is much smaller than some of them. He is a cute little guy too.

I took them to see the visiting vet this week, so they could ALL get on Clavamox. They need a break from all the sneezing, even though they are all still eating OK. I did notice Stewart stopped eating, was lethargic and had lost weight, so I took it upon myself to start him on the Clavamox I had for Squeaker, since there was way more than enough...but I realized they all really need to be on it. Still, better to get him started than wait in my opinion. He is already back to his old self, attacking my shoe laces when I walk in the room. And now everyone is better.


Stewart feels better

Martha gives the stink eye

They love to run out of the room as soon as I open the door, and play in the bedroom. They chase each other under the bed, in the closets, and hide in shoe boxes they find.
One of the twins is quite the climber. Can't tell who it is

Angel peeks

Stewart ponders a pounce

Trinket gets a week to recover, so she won't go back until next week, or the week after. She's way ready.

The usual view of Trinket when she gets out

While I was there, I saw Tempest. I gave her some love, and she is still shy, but very sweet. I also found out Mayhem, AKA Butter, is also still there. Not sure why she was off the site for a while. Penny Lane is also there, in sick bay! She had a URI when I got her, but seemed to get through it fine, while everyone else came down with it. Oh well. Hopefully she will be back on view soon. She is a beautiful girl, so she should be scooped up quickly.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful kitten pics, what a sweet little bunch. Thanks for sharing.

Angel and Kirby said...

Very cute babies!

Lita and the boys in Melbourne said...

Wow, so after a bt of a dry spell for you, you are now tripping over kittens every where you go. and Trinket sure is a pretty girl. and the others are cute, of course!