Sunday, June 9, 2013

It's not just about kittens anymore

Darby and Milo went to another foster that had a mama cat to see if she would take them, and she did. They were happy to have a mama and she was happy to have some relief. No rest for the weary, we took in a mama cat with 3 babies, and an additional singleton. Mama is as sweet as pie, and the babies are adorable. (Of course they are, they're kittens!)

Mama is Miss Jane Hathaway, and the kittens are Mr. Driesdale, Jethro, Ellie Mae, and Jed. The hillbillies.

Miss Jane Hathaway

Ellie Mae


Mr. Driesdale
Now they want to send these guys to another foster home. Why? To free me up for bottle babies or sick babies. Oh, and did I mention I have puppies? 

Yeah, I got a call to see if I could take 6 pups for a day until another foster got back in town. I did. They were two days old, and a handful. I ended up keeping 2 and the other foster took the smallest 4. The mama dog was really sick with heart worms and pneumonia. I found out later that she actually had 11 pups and 5 died at birth. They didn't expect any of them to live. 

Three of the smaller pups died, but the other 3 pups seem to be doing fine. I named my two Gilbert and Greer and the smaller pup is Chuleta, nick named Chewy. She is coming here today for a couple of days while her foster is out of town. The remainder of the family will be together again. 

Bentley loves the puppies. Well, he loves to lick the formula off their faces. Pancito is less sure about them, but is gentle. 

Bentley and Greer


Gilbert getting breakfast


Angel and Kirby said...

Babies are babies. You are so good to them all!

Anonymous said...

Puppies! Wow!
Hi Jamie -

Would you mind going over to Catonsville Cats and reading the review I posted today of the new kitten care ebook by the dailykitten people? I was horrified when I read the contents of the Amazon preview, and I wrote a review there and also put it on my blog. The rescue community needs to be sure to put the word out about this book. It's shocking. Did you know kittens from breeders are more likely to be healthy and friendly? Sigh. I hope to see more people expressing unhappiness about this book. Thanks...