Thursday, August 29, 2013

Taking a little break. Very little

Greer looking coy
Gilbert hangin' with the big boys
Coming home from an adoption event
Chewy being cute
So, we spent most of the summer fostering 3 puppies. They were adorable, but I am here to tell you, they are harder than kittens! We took in 2 of the pups just before Memorial Day, and the third a couple of weeks later, and the last one went to her forever home just before Labor Day weekend. Greer (now Mae) left on Saturday around 10:30 AM. We were very excited to see them all go to wonderful homes, and happy to take a foster break. 

Later that day we headed out to an event around 1:00, to Wags and Whiskers. If you don't know, Wags and Whiskers is a community-oriented event for animal loving shoppers of all ages to spend an afternoon at The Village at Shirlington with their pet. The event features 50+ onsite exhibitors ranging from pet services and accessories to onsite adoptions.

We walked around, had lunch and ran into another foster friend. She said she was going out of town, and asked if we could take her 4 kittens for her. I am SURE you know how this story ends! We ended up at her house, and took in her foster kittens. So, a fostering break for me means 
approximately 5 hours.

The pool kittens
Now we have these tiny little (less-than-a-pound-each) kittens. Pearl, Tabitha, Sullivan and Tallula. They are pretty cute. It seems like a LONG time since I have had kittens. Since the last batch, I stripped the hardwood floor in the spare room, and sanded and re-polyurthaned it. It's all put together, and I was having serious issues about putting kittens back in there. These guys were small enough to put in the pack and play...or so I thought.

The first night, I was laying in bed reading, when I heard what I thought was my cat Ripley playing in the catch tray of the large ficus tree I have in the bedroom. I looked, only to discover it was not Ripley at all, but Sullivan! Not only that, but I found Tabitha under the bed too! Not good.

Everybody into the pool!
I took them back and put them in the playpen, fed them all, and put a light fleece blanket over the top. That did the trick for the evening. I knew I needed to come up with a better solution. After searching for a plastic pool, but not having any luck, I decided to take a chance, and picked up about the last blow up pool I could find. 
This is the only time they are
still enough to get a photo taken

Wow! What a good idea! It pretty much fills the room, it keeps them contained, and it's easy to clean! They are happy, have a lot of room to play in, and haven't really tried to get out. Bonus, I can sit in there with them, unlike having to take them out of the pack and play to give them any attention. 

We should have them for another week, until their original foster mom gets back in town. Then I AM going to take a break!


Angel and Kirby said...

Be careful how loud you say that 'break' word. It might get messed up again! THey are so cute!

Andrea and the Celestial Kitties said...

I agree with Angel and Kirby, if you say 'break' too loud the universe might take that as a challenge... hee hee
Those are some cute kittens!!

Samantha said...

Plus, now you have a pool for your next foster puppies to swim in....