Tuesday, July 15, 2008

and the rest...

I guess there is no way to talk about every single kitten I have fostered in the last 3+ years, so I will sporadically ad stories of our past litters.

Of all the kittens I have fostered, I have only adopted one of them. That would be Buck. Buck's photo is on my profile page. His charms were just too much for us to resist. (My friend Deb adopted his two sisters)

So, now you know the story of Ripley, and Buck, but we have another permanent resident. Bishop. (For you movie buffs, you may recognize the names Ripley and Bishop. Think Alien) Bishop was adopted from the shelter, but he wasn't my foster. This is a picture of Bishop.

Ripley was only 4 months old, and she was crazy! She had no one to play with, and she was driving us nuts. She scratched us no end when we came home from work, so we knew we needed to get her a playmate. We were asked by another foster provider to please consider her kitten, who had been on view for a few days, and had not been adopted. We checked him out, along with another kitten that looked a lot like Ripley. That kitten had an application, but we put one on him anyway. Bishop was our second choice.

Needless to say, The first application on our first choice went through, so we took Bishop. His name was actually Yoda when we got him. I guess it was meant to be. My cat of 19 years we lost that February was also Yoda.

To make a long story short, they got along great. The very next day when i got home from work, I picked up Ripley and instead of a spastic scratching, biting ball of fur, I got a calm, purring bundle of sweetness.

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