Tuesday, July 15, 2008

June and July

These guys are my just past, and current group. The just past group are all either adopted, or still on view at the shelter. They would be as follows: Mary Lou, Floyd, Spats, Yoshi, Missy and Robyn. Current group is Robyn again, (yes, same kitten) Sullivan, Reuben, Natalie and Noah. I believe the photos are in order.

Looks like I can only load 5 at a time, so the next post will have the current group. Anyway, Missy was older than the others, and Robyn younger. Obviously not all from the same litter. They did pretty well together, and were gentle with Robyn.

Missy was much less socialized, and was quite scared. I called her "Hissy, Pissy, Missy. She would hiss at me whenever I picked her up. She never tried to bite or scratch, but would kinda roll up in a ball, like an isopod, or pill bug, rolly-polly...whatever you called then as a kid. I would scratch behind her ears, and under her chin. She tolerated it, but I can't say she was happy about it. She liked to look out the window. She would uncurl, stretch out her neck, and look around. Finally one day I had a break through. I had set her on my lap, and was just stroking her...and a miracle happened! She purred! I felt like I should have kept her for another week or so, but I had to go out of town on an emergency, and she was past due to go back.

Mary Lou and Floyd I named after my mom's cousin and his wife. Floyd came to me with that name, and I could not help myself. The only other Floyd I knew was Floyd the barber from the Andy Griffith Show. Just didn't fit. He was a real sweet boy. Loved to sit on my lap. Come to think of it, they all did.

Spats is a beautiful cat. She and Mary Lou are Manx cats. They were born with no tail at all. Spats got her name from Joy, because of her 4 white feet that look like shoes. Yoshi is sort of a Manx. He has about a quarter tail. He was undoubtedly the cat in this group with the most personality. Then Floyd. Floyd looks a lot like Mary Lou, but he has a tail.

Joy's sister adopted Yoshi and Spats. Last I heard is they just can't get enough lap time. How perfect is that?

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